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Becoming a sissy
it's all started when my older brother showed me a shemale masturbating video when I was 15. after I saw it I was instantly attracted to trans girls than cis girls. before that, I masturbated only one time to straight porn. I was a very shy pale feminine looking boy. my high school wasn't great, b... Read full Story
don't ever think about it.
you are a t girl who love wearing panties.. and enjoying wearing it while stroking your dick. but you always thinking that you wanna stop having this kind of life. remember one thing. the more you deny it, the more it control you. it is an ending story of your life. it is the real you. you hav... Read full Story
My wonderful life with Pat : Pat birthday
Today we will received a friend of Pat for her birthday Charles and Pat are friends since the kindergarden Today Charles is married with Suzanne. Charles has followed the Pat sexual changes from young man to lady shemale. Before being with Suzanne Michel had participated to several parties... Read full Story
o dia em que a carolina marques me arrombou
Essa historia aconteceu em 2016 , meu nome e davetlover moro em sao paulo a cidade com maior numero de travestis do Brasil... ,Em 2016 acompanhava o blog da carolina marques e vivia me questionando se o pau dela era photoshop fiquei muito curioso e resolvi ver pessoalmente. . Liguei pra carol... Read full Story
¿Por qué las trans somos mejores que las chicas?
1. Somos más femeninas. 2. Somos más cariñosas. 3. Somos más receptivas. 4. Somos más pervertidas. 5. Sabemos mejor lo que te gusta. 6. No nos asusta el sexo anal. 7. Cuando nos enculan nos quejamos bien bonito. 8. No reglamos. 9. No nos embarazamos. 10. Que te gusten las trans no significa... Read full Story
A pervy uncle invited me to his house at 10 PM..!
It's been 8-10 years now, I had this amazing experience. I was standing at the bus stop in my area/street(my daily routine), one uncle was watching me but I ignored eye contact as I feel awkward the way he was looking at me because I act straight in public and I felt that he's seen my girly ... Read full Story
First time as a woman
I was 17 out on a fishing trip with family and friends. I had just found out I was into men but I still thought women were sexy. I was getting drunk with everyone and a couple of my dads friends wanted to go back to the lake to fish a little more before it got too dark. I didn’t want to go but ... Read full Story
Destruction and desecration of Lizzaal
My story starts by being kidnapped off the street, blindfolded and driven to a warehouse into a cell and forced to wear a little corsett ,micro skirt stockings and a over small chastity cage on my swelling cock. Two ladies dressed in bondage leather and huge strap on dildos enter the cell and attat... Read full Story
Threesome goes clubbing
Ft. Lauderdale is probably the most LGBT friendly city on the east coast. So many nice restaurants and clubs that welcome all and have many LGBT employees as well. Lydia and I have been married several months, we had met Joanne an absolute amazing transgender girl during a weekend trip to the Baha... Read full Story
My Wife's Fantasy
I am originally from Brazil but moved to the USA when I was an infant with my parents when my father was transferred with his job. I married a Latina girl from Texas just a few months ago. Lydia has always been a sexual partner that enjoys different things. After a while as everyone usually does we ... Read full Story