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Lusting in cousins wardrobe
I enter the wardrobe wearing a pink fluttery satin panty. The maid catches me bending over the counter and says: "u slut, im going to fuck you outside". Get dressed and meet me by the pool. I get so horny and start trying dresses. I want to get fucked so badly i put on the first outfit i find. I lea... Read full Story
Our first time PT1
The day you and I became boyfriends was the day we started to do everything together. It made our transition into women so much easier having the other to rely on and share the experience with. It was heartbreaking when we realized we weren’t attracted to eachother anymore as women, which is why it’... Read full Story
Kelly's First Encounter With Alessia
I jumped nervously with a start, as the doorbell rang. It was Alessia – I had been waiting for her all morning, and was gradually getting more nervous as time passed. This was to be our first encounter, and I’d been looking forward to it all week. Opening the door, I saw that she was taller tha... Read full Story
My experience with sissy hypno
So, I have decided to make my experience with sissy hypno known so it can act as a testimonial. Sissy hypno works! Interpret that however you want. When I was younger, naive, I was a man, I worked out, I had no interest or desire in cross dressing. I looked at porn occasionally and I was clickin... Read full Story
Daddys Little Slut
I have been living with my dad for the last year after my mum who is Indian, found out that I was doing lots of drugs, and that I was bi and also a cross dresser. We never talked about it as for me, the cross dressing was on and off and usually when i was high. When i turned 25, I tried meth, and fo... Read full Story
HypnoSissy Partie 2
DEVENIR CUM SLUT Une fois habillé et James parti, Rose demanda: "Vous êtes-vous amusé?" Je hochai la tête. "Oui, bien que je me sente un peu gay." Rose secoua la tête. "Brian," gay "est juste un mot, comme" lesbienne ", ou" faggot "ou" gouine ". J'ai mangé la chatte et demandé aux filles... Read full Story
Son fils se fait «punir» par maman
Les parents ont divorcé après que mon père ait été surpris en train de tricher. Après la séparation, j'ai choisi de vivre avec ma mère. Ma mère était très mécontente de la perte de son mari. Elle a commencé à fréquenter des hommes pour avoir des relations sexuelles. Tous les jours, je l'entendais se... Read full Story
The Married Men of Summer
The Married Men of Summer By Sabrina *** Between the beginning of summer 1987 and the end of spring 1988, life was, well interesting... "Wait." Big Al was interrogating me, like usual. You have been with three guys and they were all married? You are such a slut." "All three were accid... Read full Story
Why I desire transsexual cock
I've thought about what it must feel like to have jus for a bit, a transsexual cock inside you. How ones nervousness is turned into extreme horniness upon seeing her cock for the first time. The thoughts that must race thru your head. How big is her she-cock?. Do I touch it? Do i lick the length of... Read full Story
Sucking Black Cock for the First Time
I've officially had sex with more trans women than cis women. It's an accomplishment I can be proud of. It was also the first black cock I had down my throat. She asked if I could host and I was nervous letting her into my apartment. Entering my apartment, we kissed, and she told me to take off ... Read full Story