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My Wild Session With YOU
Here you are at looking, lusting, desiring. I bet you are getting your eyes full of juicy sweet pre-cum-loaded girl cocks fucking and rosebuds getting satisfied. I just betcha. Did you see that one? Or this one? There’s a new one, so fucking hot and young and ready for you. She, just li... Read full Story
dirty Harry in Erotic Cinema Amersfoort
Dirty Harry vertelt: Op het forum ven Erotic Cinema had ik gezien dat het gezellig zou worden die donderdagmiddag. Er zou een aantal stellen zijn, dus ik dacht eens een geile middag te beleven. Bij binnenkomst was het erg druk. Een enorm mannenoverschot. Maar niet voor niets Twee stellen waren heer... Read full Story
Alex and Jon
Alex was not beautiful, but had a sexy attractiveness that most could not help but take a second look. This was the case with Jon as he searched adult Friend-Finder ads for someone that would satisfy his desires and dreams of a companion. Alex, a transgendered Filipina girl, had the bronze skin colo... Read full Story
How I became addicted to my toys,
How I became addicted to my toys I tell in this story my experiences by showing how I developed my share of femininity and the toys that I use in bed to amplify my pleasures alone or as a couple. For several years now I have discreetly rented a second garage near my home to store my wigs, dres... Read full Story
The formidable weapon of women,
The formidable weapon of women, After five years of marriage, my desire for my wife having greatly diminished, she decided to take control of my sexuality. A female association transformed her in a few months into a perfect dominatrix both physically and cerebrally. Every night before bed, sh... Read full Story
Brazilian Goddess
So I'm in a local Brazilian owned bar and meet a tall, blonde bombshell. End of the night rolls round and she tells me she doesn't want the night to end, so we go back to her place! She disappears to get some drinks and reappears in the sexiest lingerie set with her huge cock on show! I must admit I... Read full Story
Sultry Mistress,
Sultry Mistress, Natacha has now been living with me for over a year. It is a cerebral and perverse Domina who immediately wanted to submit me to her desires. She took power over me by making me discover my femininity during role-playing games. Like a spider, she imprisons me in her web a ... Read full Story
Couple and a Tranny
There is a saying that a single man looking for companionship and good fortune will seek someone for marriage. Lydia and I met several months ago on an online dating site. We agreed to meet at a bar restaurant for drinks and initial meeting. She was at the bar wearing a yellow sundress, white painte... Read full Story
tiffanylondontv becomes a captive slave prisoner and whored out
I had connected with Master X on a BDSM Fetish contact site. He was the owner of a fetish store and he said that he had been on the BDSM for several years. He had carefully studied my own profile and had seen that I had an immense interest in being used like a slut, being covered head to toe in... Read full Story
Introduction - Dora (Crossdressing Sissy)
Hi there! My name is Dora, And to put it simply, I'm into crossdressing. After much consideration , hornyness and a long and somewhat interesting journey, I decided to take my interests to the next level and start to post pics and videos of me doing dirty things. ;) While also writing posts and an... Read full Story